Strategic Alliances Strengthen Neudesic’s Ability to Deliver the Best Solutions

Neudesic’s network of alliances furthers our core mission to be the trusted technology partner, delivering measureable results to clients by helping them maximize their technology investments. Through partnerships with market leaders such as Microsoft, Theobald and Xamarin, and emerging players like Mobolize, pmOne and Rapid Addition, we deliver additional value to our clients through more complete and effective solutions.

How Neudesic Clients Benefit

Business and IT leaders looking to optimize existing assets and accommodate new technologies often find it difficult to choose a trusted and objective advisor. One with the knowledge and experience to help them navigate the sea of products, services and solutions that inundate the market.

Working closely with our alliance partners, we’re able to leverage technology that extends our capabilities and solution offerings, helping clients further reduce IT costs, mitigate delivery risk, and cut the time it takes to identify and evaluate vendors.

Neudesic’s network of alliances enhance client access to:

  • In-depth industry knowledge and unique market perspectives
  • Enhanced vendor relationships and dedicated support resources
  • Development software, demonstration hardware and architectural expertise

Neudesic clients can leverage our alliance network to reduce the risk and costs associated with technology procurement, as well as the total cost of technology ownership. Through Neudesic and its alliance network, organizations can streamline and expedite decision-making and procurement processes.

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