30Jul, 2015
  • To learn from data, businesses need to visualize it.

How to get the most out of data with visualizations and dashboards

By |July 30, 2015|

Data visualization presents enterprises with a direct means of gleaning key business value points from their data.
20Jul, 2015
  • Data analytics is something all businesses should leverage.

How to maximize your Big Data investment with managed IT services

By |July 20, 2015|

Big Data can be intimidating to businesses. But through the deployment of effective solutions, organizations can not only manage it, but effectively leverage it too.
13May, 2015

Microsoft Ignite 2015: A Focus On Neudesic’s Big Data Hybrid-Cloud Architecture

By |May 13, 2015|

Last week at Microsoft Ignite 2015, Lance Olson (Program Manager, HDInsight) presented to a standing room only, his topic: Harnessing the Power of Hadoop: Cloud Scale with Microsoft HD Insight

During this 60 minute session, Lance leveraged Neudesic’s cutting-edge, hybrid-cloud architecture to showcase how a hybrid Big Data compute scenario can greatly reduce storage and processing costs, while […]

27Apr, 2015

Windows Server 2003 Mitigation and Migration Options

By |April 27, 2015|

Windows Server 2003 Mitigation and Migration Options

There are several Windows Server 2003 mitigation options available for clients. For example, one option is to continue running the old servers but to isolate them from other servers or internet traffic. For completeness, let’s take a brief look at mitigation options and then turn our focus to the […]

13Apr, 2015

Neudesic Announces Speaker Lineup For Big Data + Cloud Event

By |April 13, 2015|

We are happy to announce the Big Data + Cloud Roadshow speaker lineup for our stop in Phoenix, Az. As a trusted Gold Partner of Microsoft, Neudesic has been instrumental in accelerating the Big Data and Cloud Technologies that offer sweeping benefits across some of today’s leading enterprises including: UPS, Xerox, City of Los Angeles, The Venetian […]

30Mar, 2015

Forces of Technology Driving the Big Data Revolution

By |March 30, 2015|

The modern enterprise depends on the development of impactful business insights that span all of the various relevant data sources.

The advent and increasing importance of additional sources of business-relevant data from cloud-based business applications, social media, Device and sensor data (Internet of Things),  mobile devices (and…the list goes on and on) has left 80 percent of […]

27Mar, 2015

What Does It Really Mean When Windows Server 2003 Runs Out of Support?

By |March 27, 2015|

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 reaches the end of extended support on July 14, 2015 1. What many don’t realize is that mainstream support ended over four years ago. Businesses will have enjoyed a five-year runway leading to the final support date later this year. Unfortunately, 75% of organizations surveyed have not migrated, nor do they have a […]

24Mar, 2015

Enabling truly actionable BI with the application of mobile technologies

By |March 24, 2015|

Combining cloud and mobile BI technologies along with social networking applications provides for an even more powerful solution in terms of enabling truly actionable BI. Mobile BI offers the major benefit of speed-to-action. From a user experience perspective, there are two types of mobile BI access: smart phone and tablet.

Mobile BI on a smart phone is […]

13Mar, 2015

Supercharging Smart Meter Big Data Analytics with Microsoft Azure

By |March 13, 2015|

Few utility companies have a solution in place to handle the increasing crush of Big Data from more than one billion Smart Meters expected to come on line by 2022.

Neudesic Smart Meter Analytics Solution leverages your existing systems and infrastructure to help you overcome your Smart Meter Big Data challenges.

This one-of-a-kind solution was featured on […]

8Mar, 2015

Getting a BI program off the ground with a strategic, holistic approach

By |March 8, 2015|

Once the BI organizational structure is established, the leadership kicks off the program with the development of a strategic roadmap for guiding the organization from its current state to its desired BI systems environment. The strategic roadmap provides an overall framework for BI program planning, implementation, management and measurement. More specifically, it identifies and prioritizes the overall […]