File Sharing

Files is an elegant solution that you can use to share and collaborate on files with colleagues, customers, and partners. It includes all the capabilities you need to organize and secure Word docs, PowerPoints, Spreadsheets and pretty much any file you can think of.


Team Collaboration

Share files, run projects, give feedback, and get instant answers – anywhere, anytime. Pulse is about helping your business run efficiently by reducing communication costs

Application Development

Do you wish your intranet was mobile ready? What if your expense tracking system could be used on iOS or Android? If you develop your intranet on Pulse, all those capabilities naturally extend to you mobile work force


Pulse For SharePoint

Pulse supports direct upload to SharePoint which means documents are automatically stored in pre-defined SharePoint sites. We’ve introduced item level security, tag integration and a Central Administration add-in for easy deployment and management.


Dynamic Knowledge Sharing

If your goal is an open culture where ideas flow freely, you need an environment for rich conversations. Ask questions, identify experts, and share discussions with groups and colleagues all over the world. You can even establish yourself as a subject matter “expert” through feedback from your colleagues.


Public And Private Groups

Build more effective teams and partnerships by providing easy to use collaboration software, which promotes sharing and open communication. Invite partners, customers, and vendors with a click. Apply security and customize your group in seconds.


Efficient Task Management

The most important measure of your Enterprise is productivity. Neudesic Pulse is built for getting work done. Our “Tasks” feature transforms how you track and manage work by making the process social. With Neudesic Pulse, you can build conversation around a task, invite people to contribute, and get work done faster.


Connected With Your Business Systems

We know the value of (and cost associated with) your key line-of-business systems. Neudesic Pulse adds a social layer to your Enterprise by integrating with SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Lync, and other line-of-business systems; thereby increasing their adoption and utilization.


Accessible Across Various Platforms And Devices

Social software shouldn’t mean stationary software. Important business events occur at any time, so Neudesic Pulse is always available keeping your employees connected and informed across various devices and platforms.


Deployed Where You Want It

Neudesic Pulse support unmatched options for On-Premise and Private
Cloud deployments.


System Hubs

System Hubs collect information from enterprise applications and make it available within the community. Entities from applications like Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and Order Processing are searched, linked to, and enhanced to include rich collaboration features like video, file and image sharing. The result is a concise, easy to read business news feed that keeps you connected across all your critical applications.


Pulse For Dynamics CRM

Pulse takes full advantage of the Activity Feeds capability introduced in R7 of Dynamics CRM. This means that any event that can write to an Activity Feed can be posted to Pulse. This release added complete single sign-on and support for Entity level permissions.



Neudesic is the first to offer a flexible solution to gamification, with complete control over badge configuration, UI, audience, etc. Management is now able to customize awards to their business, corporate culture and employee initiatives. In addition, badges can be issued manually or automatically based on configurable criteria such as milestones, activity or participation level.


Skills and Endorsements

Assign the right people, to the right project, at the right time. Building effective teams is the most important aspect of executing strategic initiatives. Quickly identify the perfect team for your next project.


Business Profiles

Track important information such as Availability, Location, and Bill Rates for easy resources selection and identification. Refine your search based on Skills and other custom information.


Business Relevant People Finder

Entering a new market? Building a team? How do you know if you have the right people to reach your goals? Pulse is a great way to identify people and experts for building highly effective teams while exposing knowledge gaps.


It’s Your Network

Looking to integrate your business systems? Want to pull in information from a portal? Use the new JavaScript App extensibility to create limitless value for your employees.