A Better Approach to Outsourcing

Amerishore’s approach to onshore outsourcing makes it possible for businesses to obtain the talent they need while investing in America and preserving our country’s stature as a technology leader. We offer an innovative, community-conscious, cost-effective approach to traditional outsourcing by partnering with colleges and universities to find the brightest individuals destined to become the next generation of technology leaders.

These Amerishore Associates are an eager workforce, mentored by Neudesic in the latest technologies and delivery methods. They also bring fresh perspectives to problem solving through their understanding of the latest culture, process and technology concerns. They are smart, competent and thoroughly trained by our experts to solve real business challenges and deliver services around:

A Win-Win for Companies and Students

Companies have the opportunity to put this Neudesic-led talent to work on IT projects at rates comparable to offshore outsourcing where students learn skills and gain experience that will help them jump-start their careers with this new approach to onshore outsourcing.

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Find out how your business can keep IT costs down and make a difference by investing locally in the next generation of technology professionals.

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*Amerishore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neudesic.