Real-Time Experience

5 ways real-time data boosts customer loyalty (and business!)

Businesses need to be able to get concrete value out of Big Data, which is where analytics tools can play a transformative role

The art of making guests feel special: How systems integration can boost guest satisfaction and profit

In my last post, I asked “Why don’t they already know who I am?” in an industry where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) connecting to Patron Management Systems (PMS) should be the norm. By integrating and leveraging these complementary tools, hotels and resorts have the information that serves as the foundation to the holy grail of [...]

Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs

Jan 30, 2014  3:47 This is the fourth blog post in this series.  You can find the previous posts here: Windows Azure Service Bus Overview Service Bus Relay Service Bus Brokered Messaging Overview In 1997, Wired magazine published a story titled “PUSH! Kiss your browser goodbye: The radical future of media beyond the Web”, predicting how push [...]