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4 companies that are revolutionizing service models with Big Data

These household-name service providers are doing incredible things with Big Data. 

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4 ways utility providers can use Big Data and analytics

Big Data and analytics are extraordinary assets for any industry, not the least of which are energy and utilities companies.

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The virtues of machine learning: When statistical analysis isn’t enough

Machine learning and prescriptive analytics are the future of business intelligence. 

So much data, so little time: The need for speed in enterprise analytics

Data analytics isn't just about accuracy. It's also about speed.

How to use Azure as part of a Big Data strategy

Cloud and hybrid computing models are just as, if not more, conducive to top-notch business intelligence. Here's how:

The ultimate Big Data roadmap checklist

Is your business making smart analytics-based decisions?

What will enterprise data and analytics look like in 2020?

By the end of this decade, enterprise analytics may look very different than they do now.