Big Data

4 companies that are revolutionizing service models with Big Data

These household-name service providers are doing incredible things with Big Data. 

The ultimate Big Data roadmap checklist

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The Evolution of Business Intelligence

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s BI Anymore The rise of Big Data and the way we analyze it has brought about a fundamental change in how we define Business Intelligence. BI has been around for more than a century. It’s typically associated with collecting, organizing and processing business data to enable more strategic, tactical and [...]

4 ways predictive analytics can tell you what no one else can

Here are four ways - each a little more mind-boggling than the last - that machine learning and predictive analytics can serve businesses in a huge way.

Latest in big data analytics news: Cortana Analytics and Hadoop (Part 2)

A continuation of our look at two resources that are driving Big Data adoption. 

Latest in big data analytics news: Cortana Analytics and Hadoop (Part 1)

It's not just that Big Data is transformative for a certain kind of enterprise - it's that it's leading to changes in every industry out there.

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Is there actionable data your business is missing out on due to the lack of a BI solution?

How anyone can make sense out of complex data

The value of Big Data lies in extracting actionable findings, which self-service BI enables.

How Big Data has the potential to transform healthcare

For healthcare providers, Big Data has the potential to lead to more individualized and quality care.

Big Data's impact on various industries

Big Data is leading to fundamental changes not just in the tech sector, but in industries like education, banking and manufacturing.