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Microsoft Ignite 2015: A Focus On Neudesic's Big Data Hybrid-Cloud Architecture

Last week at Microsoft Ignite 2015, Lance Olson (Program Manager, HDInsight) presented to a standing room only, his topic: Harnessing the Power of Hadoop: Cloud Scale with Microsoft HD Insight During this 60 minute session, Lance leveraged Neudesic's cutting-edge, hybrid-cloud architecture to showcase how a hybrid Big Data compute scenario can greatly reduce storage and processing costs, [...]

Windows Server 2003 Mitigation and Migration Options

Windows Server 2003 Mitigation and Migration Options There are several Windows Server 2003 mitigation options available for clients. For example, one option is to continue running the old servers but to isolate them from other servers or internet traffic. For completeness, let’s take a brief look at mitigation options and then turn our focus to [...]

What Does It Really Mean When Windows Server 2003 Runs Out of Support?

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 reaches the end of extended support on July 14, 2015 1. What many don’t realize is that mainstream support ended over four years ago. Businesses will have enjoyed a five-year runway leading to the final support date later this year. Unfortunately, 75% of organizations surveyed have not migrated, nor do they have a [...]

Event Hubs & Stream Analytics: Better Together

IoT continues to heat up and Microsoft is following suite with some great technologies to support the trend.  There are key stages such as Ingest, Processing, Insight and Action in the overall IoT flow.  I am going to focus on technologies that fit into Ingest, Processing and Insight.  The first aspect of almost any IoT [...]

Exploring Cloud Enabled Solutions on the Azure Platform

Azure Webinar Series Announced: As the pace of innovation accelerates, the Cloud has emerged as the most efficient and cost effective way for organizations to take advantage of opportunities in Mobility, APIs and Big Data, while still continuing to solve their complex Integration challenges. Join us for this 4-part series, as experienced Neudesic technologists explore [...]

How APIs and Platform Thinking are modernizing the way companies do business

Stoking the Fires of Business Innovation  Recently a friend of mine told me about a successful eCommerce business he and his wife had set up over the past year. As I listened to him explain how quick and easy it was to establish a global supply chain and develop a rich online presence, I realized [...]

Next Week at Visual Studio Live! Redmond, WA

I’m thrilled to be speaking next week at Visual Studio Live! Redmond, WA. The show starts on Monday August 18th and goes through Thursday the 21st on the Microsoft campus. Events in Redmond are always a special treat as it gives everyone a chance to see the campus, interact with product team members and as [...]

The Internet of Things: Beyond the Buzzword

Special Live Webinar Event. Scroll Down for Details. Analysts predict that there will be billions of internet connected devices by the year 2020. While analyst reports range from 24 billion to upwards of 150 billion, what all analysts seem to agree on is that the Internet of Things (IoT) is big. The reality, however is [...]

Creating A Custom Domain Name For Azure Web Sites

 4 Easy Steps to Creating A Custom Domain Name For Azure Web Sites Microsoft Azure Web sites provide a robust and easy-to-use container for hosting your Web applications. This doesn’t just pertain to ASP.NET apps, but several templates like Drupal, WordPress, Orchard and so on. It also provides first class support for Node.js Web apps/APIs, PHP and Python. Here, we will discuss ways of creating a custom domain name for Azure Web Sites. When you create your Azure application, you get both an IP and URL. The URL takes the form of [your app] Chances are you’ll want your own domain name so that instead of [your app] you can point to a specific address. You can do this in four simple steps. […]

From the Internet of Things to Intelligent Systems

With more than 300 attendees, Visual Studio Live! Chicago was well attended and brimming with top-notch educational sessions. “From the Internet of Things to Intelligent Systems – A Developer’s Primer” was a fun and interesting look at IoT and how it’s not coming, it’s here and it’s gaining momentum. In fact, Microsoft predicts that by [...]