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How APIs and Platform Thinking are modernizing the way companies do business

Stoking the Fires of Business Innovation  Recently a friend of mine told me about a successful eCommerce business he and his wife had set up over the past year. As I listened to him explain how quick and easy it was to establish a global supply chain and develop a rich online presence, I realized [...]

Next Week at Visual Studio Live! Redmond, WA

I’m thrilled to be speaking next week at Visual Studio Live! Redmond, WA. The show starts on Monday August 18th and goes through Thursday the 21st on the Microsoft campus. Events in Redmond are always a special treat as it gives everyone a chance to see the campus, interact with product team members and as [...]

Creating A Custom Domain Name For Azure Web Sites

 4 Easy Steps to Creating A Custom Domain Name For Azure Web Sites Microsoft Azure Web sites provide a robust and easy-to-use container for hosting your Web applications. This doesn’t just pertain to ASP.NET apps, but several templates like Drupal, WordPress, Orchard and so on. It also provides first class support for Node.js Web apps/APIs, PHP and Python. Here, we will discuss ways of creating a custom domain name for Azure Web Sites. When you create your Azure application, you get both an IP and URL. The URL takes the form of [your app].azurewebsites.net. Chances are you’ll want your own domain name so that instead of [your app].azurewebsites.net you can point to a specific address. You can do this in four simple steps. […]