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Optimizing your in-house legal operations, part 4: Putting it all together

In this last chapter of out four-part blog series about optimizing, we take a glimpse at what an optimized in-house legal operations team looks like.

Optimizing your in-house legal operations, part 3: Collaborating securely

Part 3 of this series looks at some of the threats to legacy communication solutions and explains an social collaboration portal addresses them. 

Optimizing your in-house legal operations, part 2: Locating the necessary expertise and resources

Data-driven knowledge management may be the missing link in the legal ops chain.

Optimizing your in-house legal operations, part 1: Why are legal ops so important?

Technological innovation, a daunting cyberthreat landscape and unprecedented compliance shifts are rejuvenating the legals ops model. 

Reducing Email Clutter: Join the discussion at ILTACON

If you're headed to ILTACON in the D.C. area later this month -- the four-day conference for professionals working in technology within law firms and legal departments -- we hope you'll join us for our panel session titled, Alternative Email Arrangements To Reduce the Clutter, on August 31, 2016 at  9:00 a.m.  Alternative Email Arrangements To Reduce the [...]

Social engineering highlights the need for secure enterprise collaboration

Enterprise collaboration tools can also serve as a special line of defense for organizations.

Going Beyond the Interruption

In a recent article in ILTA's Peer to Peer publication, Ramin Vosough, VP of Product for The Firm Directory proposes that technology’s impact on legal practice management is becoming more profound as the demand for specialized expertise increases.

The Research Directory Launch – Media Round-up

Two weeks ago we announced the availability of The Research Directory, a new solution for profiling a firm's collective knowledge, experience and relationships within a law firm or corporate legal department. The Research Directory expands The Firm Directory's people-centric directories to now allow firms to profile key areas of experience like cases, matters, practices, clients, [...]

Simplifying collaboration and expertise location on corporate counsel teams

Enterprise personnel need a more streamlined approach to communicating with internal legal counsel. 

How social collaboration can serve specialists

Everyone knows an expert on LinkedIn, but this doesn't help when a project needs to stay within an organization. The solution? An internal social directory.