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Why don’t they know who I am? How to capture and leverage guest insight in real time

I travel a lot for business (more than I care to admit). And I’m always amazed when I hand my ID and credit card to a check-in agent at one of the large, well-known hotels I frequent, and I hear, “Hello Mr. Garibay, is this your first stay with us?” I want to ask, “Don’t [...]

UX Tools: InVision

In user experience, there are a plethora of different tools, libraries, and frameworks, and knowing which one best fits a project can help reduce the time spent fighting the software and increase the understanding of the client’s business. InVision is a prototyping web application I’ve been using over the last several months for taking wireframes [...]

Persuasive UX – Beyond Good and Evil

We’ve seen an explosion of research in behavioral economics, which helps us understand how people make decisions in their daily lives, and how those decisions are shaped by people’s prior experiences or their environment. We’ve learned more about how the mind makes choices, which enables us to support and design accordingly. Influencing people’s behavior for financial [...]

What is user experience?

As a user experience consultant, I often get questions about user experience. Simply: What is user experience (UX)? Compared to other disciplines, UX is considered relatively new. Many people think that UX is all about user interface, but that's not all. While user interface is an essential aspect of UX, it’s not the only component. UX is [...]

Subtle Animations: creating great UX

Imagine an elevator car moves from one floor to another with a jerk instead of smooth scrolling. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. Though you reach your designated floor, your experience was not good. You don’t want to use that elevator again. You think about using the stairs instead. Animations in real life The beautiful animation that [...]

The Importance of User Experience: is it necessary?

Have you ever paused to consider how many things you interact with throughout a given day? Your list might be bigger than you think. Here are a few items to get you started: you press a button to turn off the alarm clock, you flip a switch to turn on a light, you swipe a [...]

Creating Seamless Experiences through Journey Mapping

Experience mapping is a strategic process of capturing and communicating complex customer interactions, which builds knowledge and consensus across an organization. The map helps build seamless customer experiences. Last year, a colleague turned me on to customer journey mapping. We decided to try it at a UX Meetup called UX in Arizona. Like most of our Meetups, we [...]

How EHRs Are Leading the Way to Improving the Patient Experience

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are the linchpin to improving the patient experience and patient care. The reason for this lies in the long-term intent of these records to serve as a single source of information about a patient: doctors seen, labs taken, known concerns, prescriptions, and facilities utilized. When it comes to how these records [...]

Improving the Healthcare User Experience: it starts with information

Have you ever been in a hospital and had to tell a nurse that he or she had already given you a medication? Or went to a new doctor only to rehash your entire life story? Many of us have and it’s never a fun or positive experience. Modernizing the Healthcare Experience One common thread [...]

Brainsketching: The Benefit of Collaborative Design

When looking to generate ideas, people often think of traditional brainstorming: sitting down as a group, yelling out ideas, but there are alternatives such as brainsketching or brainwriting. What are these? Let’s use brainwriting as an example. You may have done it before, without knowing it. For example, rather than asking participants to shout solutions [...]