14Jun, 2016

How to use Azure as part of a Big Data strategy

By Neudesic

Cloud and hybrid computing models are just as, if not more, conducive to top-notch business intelligence. Here's how:
25May, 2016

Workflow optimization: It starts with automation, and ends with ROI

By Neudesic

Only the best make it in today's markets – and the best rely on automation. Here's why.
24May, 2016

The ultimate Big Data roadmap checklist

By Neudesic

Is your business making smart analytics-based decisions?
18May, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 3: Mobile security alphabet soup

By Neudesic

In part 3 of this series, we unscramble the jumble of acronyms associated with mobile security.  
10May, 2016

Social engineering highlights the need for secure enterprise collaboration

By Neudesic

Enterprise collaboration tools can also serve as a special line of defense for organizations.
27Apr, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 2: Establishing a mobile center of excellence

By Neudesic

This blog post delves into what exactly the MCOE is, and how enterprises go about creating one that is suitable for their unique environment.
14Apr, 2016

What will enterprise data and analytics look like in 2020?

By Neudesic

By the end of this decade, enterprise analytics may look very different than they do now.
12Apr, 2016

Going Beyond the Interruption

By Mike Manning

In a recent article in ILTA's Peer to Peer publication, Ramin Vosough, VP of Product for The Firm Directory proposes that technology’s impact on legal practice management is becoming more profound as the demand for specialized expertise increases.
6Apr, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 1

By Neudesic

This is the first of a series of blog posts focused on readying the enterprise for mobile.
28Mar, 2016

How predictive analytics foster proactive business

By Neudesic

While many business still chock success up to luck, others put their faith in a less elusive x-factor: strong data analytics.