Irvine, CA – November 30, 2022 – Neudesic, an IBM company, today announced a new strategic partnership with CAST to help organizations accelerate their application migration and modernization to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Through the partnership, Neudesic will leverage CAST products to provide insights into the inner workings and structural condition of custom-built applications, essential for faster and safer modernization to Microsoft Azure:

  • CAST Highlight analyzes hundreds of applications in a week to pinpoint what needs to change in the source code, the effort required, the best-suited Azure Cloud services to use, and the best migration path to take (Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, etc.).
  • CAST Imaging automatically reverse engineers the actual architecture of a given application into interactive application maps to help architects and developers navigate key modernization steps, such as re-platforming, re-architecting, framework or database replacement, and breaking monoliths into microservices.

As a 20-year technology and business consulting firm providing a wide range of cloud and data-driven solutions using Microsoft Azure, Neudesic recognizes that their clients need to drive greater speed, efficiency, and resilience by modernizing their workloads and applications so they can harness the full power of the Azure cloud.

“Our partnership with CAST is the latest investment we’re making to provide our clients with increased predictability and performance assurance needed to plan, accelerate, and de-risk complex migrations and modernizations,” says Chad Thomas, National Sr. Director of App Innovation, Neudesic. “As applications increasingly become core to the business transformation and operations of an enterprise, automating the application architecture discovery process through CAST is crucial so we can provide our clients with a full view of their modernization opportunity and create a roadmap for success.”

“We are confident that our alliance with CAST and their suite of tools will further augment our capabilities to deliver increased quality and cost-effectiveness of application development and maintenance initiatives to our customers”, said Mark Jones, Chief Marketing & Alliances Officer, Neudesic.

“CAST’s partnership with Neudesic will provide the end to end solution for clients looking to move beyond lift & shift cloud migrations to cloud native modernization making the business more agile and secure” says Chakra Yarlagadda, Sr. Vice President for Cloud Business at CAST.

About Neudesic
Neudesic, an IBM company, is the trusted technology partner in business innovation, delivering impactful business results to clients through digital modernization and evolution. Our consultants bring business and technology expertise together, offering a wide range of cloud and data-driven solutions, including custom application development, data and artificial intelligence, and comprehensive managed services. Founded in 2002, Neudesic is headquartered in Irvine, California. To learn more, visit

About CAST
CAST is the software intelligence category leader. CAST technology can see inside custom applications with MRI-like precision, automatically generating intelligence about their inner workings – composition, architecture, transaction flows, cloud readiness, structural flaws, legal and security risks. It’s becoming essential for faster modernization for cloud, raising the speed and efficiency of Software Engineering, better open source risk control, and accurate technical due diligence. CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India, China. Visit