Workflow optimization: It starts with automation, and ends with ROI

Only the best make it in today's markets – and the best rely on automation. Here's why.

Join Neudesic at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Accelerating Modernization Across the Enterprise- Join Neudesic at Microsoft Ignite 2015 Ready to see the latest forces of technology accelerating modernization across the enterprise? This year at Ignite, we're prepared to demo several transformative solutions that leverage the Microsoft technology stack including: Azure Office 365 SharePoint Big Data IoT Managed Services Note: We have several ways that [...]

Neudesic Announces Speaker Lineup For Big Data + Cloud Event

We are happy to announce the Big Data + Cloud Roadshow speaker lineup for our stop in Phoenix, Az. As a trusted Gold Partner of Microsoft, Neudesic has been instrumental in accelerating the Big Data and Cloud Technologies that offer sweeping benefits across some of today's leading enterprises including: UPS, Xerox, City of Los Angeles, The Venetian [...]

Steering a BI program toward successful user adoption and value realization

Probably the biggest misconception that occurs when an organization looks at developing and implementing enterprise BI solutions is that information technology (IT) staff thinks they understand what the business needs but, in actuality, they may not. To enable successful user adoption, BI technical leads must collaborate with business leads and users as part of an [...]

Icons Have No Identity Without Identification

Since the dawn of time man has communicated through pictures. From cave man carvings in walls to more modern cattle branding—there has always been something to communicate. Whether an idea or a purpose,  an author shapes the visual conversation that may go orphan without imagery. The visual clues that shape the stories we love—on tee [...]

Tools and Techniques for Better Business through Process Modeling

We recently explored how process modeling is used in an effort to improve the effectiveness of technology-agnostic operational business activities. This article will focus on different techniques and tools: Divide processes into levels (typically three), with each graduating into more detail. Sometimes the words we use to get started on this can shape our path. [...]

Business Process Modeling for Better Business

Designing screen flow and user interaction is a primary use of process modeling tools and techniques that we see almost daily in IT. While we don’t generally talk about it differently, process modeling – as an effort to improve the effectiveness of technology-agnostic operational business activities – places different demands on your approach, the results [...]

The Internet of Things: Beyond the Buzzword

Special Live Webinar Event. Scroll Down for Details. Analysts predict that there will be billions of internet connected devices by the year 2020. While analyst reports range from 24 billion to upwards of 150 billion, what all analysts seem to agree on is that the Internet of Things (IoT) is big. The reality, however is [...]

On-Demand CRM Portal Demonstration

We recently explored how to develop a CRM portal using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide CRM access external audiences. Today, I will be showing a 30-minute demonstration using the 30-day trial for CRM 2013 Online. Even if you are not a current Dynamics CRM user, you can follow along by beginning your trial today. The [...]

Don’t Forget about Data Quality When You Upgrade to Dynamics CRM

This post is a guest contribution from Sarah Kohler, Director of Product Management at Trillium Software   At the Convergence conference in March, Microsoft announced that more than 40,000 companies and 4 million individual users now have Dynamics CRM as their CRM system of choice. A couple of other interesting tidbits include double digit growth [...]