As corporate IT infrastructures expand and become more interconnected, operations and security teams often struggle to keep pace. Complex infrastructures frequently lead to inefficiencies and increased costs, and cyberattacks can go unnoticed. While AIOps offers solutions to these challenges, a Gartner survey indicates that 46% of IT leaders are unclear about the benefits of AIOps.

Neudesic is thrilled to introduce the Intelligent Ops Accelerator. Drawing on our extensive experience managing Azure environments, this accelerator helps organizations swiftly establish a robust AIOps strategy that's both sustainable and adaptable to changing business needs. Rather than solely emphasizing incident detection and response, the Intelligent Ops Accelerator showcases how AI and automation can optimize operations and deliver concrete business value.

Taking AIOps to the next level with Intelligent Ops

The main objective of AIOps is to augment operations through AI and automation. Typically, AIOps is associated with automating security tasks like identifying potential breaches, performing root cause analyses, and initiating remediation. This method starts by instrumenting every component, letting AIOps aggregate events that feed into the organization's ticketing system, where a predefined workflow is executed. While this method utilizes AI and automation to bolster IT operations, it requires human intervention to dictate actions and often neglects a broader business perspective.

Neudesic moves beyond the traditional definition of AIOps to a more holistic approach, called Intelligent Ops. Intelligent Ops incorporates three main areas of focus:

  • AIOps: Comprehensive observability to enhance monitoring and management of intricate systems.
  • FinOps: Better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through detailed visibility and operational optimization.
  • SecOps: Boosted IT security using Azure's native services for prompt incident detection and resolution.

Overcoming today’s biggest IT challenges with Intelligent Ops

Operations teams are often burdened with overseeing expanding, multifaceted environments with finite resources and staff. Consequently, these teams face several shared challenges:

  • Growing costs: Expanding cloud infrastructures can become prohibitively expensive.
  • Regulatory and security compliance risk: Navigating the constantly shifting regulatory and security terrains is increasingly arduous.
  • Inefficient processes: Standalone solutions that don't integrate well with existing workflows add overhead and restrict IT teams.
  • More disruptive incidents: Identifying and addressing security breaches often takes months, not merely days or hours. The intricacy of IT setups and a lack of comprehensive oversight can obscure root causes.
  • Overlooked issues: The deluge of alerts and tickets from various tools can swamp analysts, causing genuine threats to go unnoticed.

What is the Intelligent Ops Accelerator?

AIOps holds the potential to resolve an organization's operational challenges, facilitating smoother and more reliable functioning. However, conceptualizing and launching an AIOps initiative can be daunting.

The Neudesic Intelligent Ops Accelerator is a framework that employs AI and machine learning to refine IT operations. Instead of starting from scratch, businesses can utilize a suite of reusable assets to rapidly roll out AIOps in their Azure setup. This accelerator allows for a customized Intelligent Ops blueprint to be implemented and tailored in just a few weeks.

Neudesic’s Intelligent Ops Accelerator empowers businesses to promptly institute a sophisticated AIOps system, streamlining myriad IT tasks by offering:

  • Conversational interaction: The accelerator features a chatGPT-like interface, enabling users to interact with their IT systems effortlessly.
  • Proactive security: SecOps proactively identifies and alerts potential threats before they escalate.
  • Automated scalability: AIOps automation liberates IT staff to tackle other organizational hurdles.
  • Rapid Incident response: Continuous surveillance and automated solutions ensure immediate incident management.

Following this, organizations can migrate to Neudesic’s sustained engineering model, which offers ongoing solutions to intricate issues and automation throughout their enterprise. With the necessary infrastructure established, Neudesic clients can further diversify into other applications and workloads, emphasizing perpetual enhancement and optimization in alignment with business evolution.

Embrace AIOps quickly with Neudesic’s Intelligent Ops Accelerator

Neudesic has built upon AIOps to harness the full potential of AI, fostering more streamlined and resilient operations. Our methodologies for overseeing Azure environments are time-tested, thanks to our 21-year affiliation with Microsoft and our recognition as Microsoft’s 2023 US AI Partner of the Year.

Neudesic's new Intelligent Ops Accelerator provides enterprises an avenue to commence and nurture a top-tier AIOps strategy in a fraction of the usual time. To discover more and start your journey, contact us.