Neudesic, an IBM Company, the 2022 Microsoft US AI Partner of the Year, applauds Microsoft's recent announcement of Fabric, a groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionize the way enterprises build and manage enterprise analytics. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Neudesic shares in Microsoft's vision for empowering businesses with scalable and efficient solutions, and eagerly anticipates the possibilities that Fabric brings to the table. We will explore more in this blog.

What is Microsoft Fabric? Notes from #MSBuild

Yesterday, at #MSBuild, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Fabric, a comprehensive end-to-end data and analytics platform. Microsoft Fabric includes integration tools, a Spark-based data engineering platform, real-time analytics capabilities, and improved Power BI for easy-to-use visualization and AI-based analytics.

The motivation behind Microsoft Fabric is the fragmentation of the modern data stack, with numerous products and open-source technologies available. Data and analytics products often keep data in silos, resulting in an integration tax. To address this, Microsoft aimed to create a unified experience for core data analytics workloads, including data integration, engineering, warehousing, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence.

Microsoft Fabric offers a comprehensive analytics solution with a unified compute infrastructure and data lake. It fosters effective collaboration between IT and business professionals. Key components include:

  • Microsoft Azure Data tools; Data Factory for integration, Synapse Analytics for engineering and data science, Power BI for data visualization, and the no-code Data Activator for triggering actions based on real-time data.
  • Data visualization via PowerBI, provides industry-leading visualization and AI-driven analytics that enable business analysts and business users to gain insights from data.
  • Infusing Azure OpenAI Service to enable users to leverage the power of Generative AI.

Coming Soon

Microsoft Fabric is currently in public preview, and starting from July 1, it will be available for all Power BI tenants. However, exciting updates are already on the horizon. Here is a sneak peek at the top five features we are looking forward to:

  • Lakehouse sharing and security: Easily discover and access your lakehouses within the OneLake Data Hub, empowering you for reporting and data science tasks. Experience enhanced data protection with 'One Security', where table and folder security are seamlessly synchronized across engines and external services.
  • Spark Autotune: Harness the power of machine learning to optimize Spark job performance by analyzing previous runs and automatically tuning configurations.
  • High Concurrency Mode: Share notebook sessions to improve startup times and reduce costs associated with attaching notebooks to existing sessions.
  • Copilot integration: Unleash the potential of data-aware copilot capabilities in notebooks. Generate explanations and code using magic commands, while leveraging code shortcuts for common tasks like bug fixes and documentation.
  • CI/CD integration: Streamline your data engineering processes by committing artifacts to a git repository. Leverage deployment pipelines to effortlessly move items between development, testing, and production environments.

How can Neudesic help Jumpstart Microsoft Fabric Adoption?

Neudesic and Microsoft are partnering to fast-track your data's potential and transform business use cases swiftly. Neudesic is offering a Jumpstart Workshop to help organizations gain momentum in their future Microsoft Fabric implementation.

How does Neudesic’s Microsoft Fabric Jumpstart Work?

Neudesic's Microsoft Fabric Jumpstart is a half-day program designed to provide you with an immersive educational experience. During the Jumpstart, participating organizations will learn from Microsoft Fabric co-developers on how to get started with a foundation that is optimized for efficiency and scalability. Through this program, participants will enhance their understanding of Microsoft Fabric and explore various use cases to identify the ones that offer the most value. By leveraging Neudesic's expertise and this Jumpstart program, organizations can quickly implement use cases, turning ideas into reality at a faster clip than their competitors.

What’s Included in Neudesic’s Jumpstart?

  • Education – Enhance your understanding of Microsoft Fabric for greater insight into its capabilities and potential use cases.
  • Exploration – Explore which use cases offer the most value and how they can be implemented in seconds
  • Roadmap – Collaborate with Microsoft Fabric co-developers to rapidly build a roadmap of use cases and actionable next steps.

Get in Touch

Ready to take your understanding of Microsoft Fabric to the next level? Contact Neudesic today to learn more about our Microsoft Fabric Jumpstart program. Gain valuable insights, unleash your creativity, and collaborate with industry experts to rapidly evaluate performance and drive innovation. Contact us now and embark on an exciting path towards transformative success.