If you are in the utility sector, how prepared do you feel to move forward with generative artificial intelligence (AI)?

Across industries, most organizations aren’t, according to a recent Google survey. While 40% of executives believe there is an urgency to adopt generative AI, 62% don’t think their companies have the AI skills required for a successful deployment of the tech.

That sentiment is likely pervasive in the utilities sector, as well. Historically, the industry has lagged behind other industries when it comes to adopting new technologies, even as leadership across the sector acknowledges the value of modernization. Legacy infrastructure and a lack of internal expertise have prevented many organizations from moving forward with data modernization and AI and machine learning (ML) deployments.

In a recent post, we talked about how generative AI can help utility companies transform both their operations and customer service. From optimizing grid management to improving forecasting to supporting the renewable energy transition, generative AI can help utility companies navigate the significant challenges facing the industry. But moving forward requires building knowledge, skills, and infrastructure first.

While it’s easy to talk about how generative AI could potentially be used, at Neudesic, we’re actually partnering with utility companies who are laying the groundwork to go all in on generative AI, while others are already building solutions that leverage generative AI to optimize and streamline how they do business.

Here are some of our most recent customer success stories, and how we’re helping our clients meet mission-critical goals with generative AI.

Improving electric service reliability by 30%

For one provider, Neudesic implemented Azure-powered solutions, including the Outage Restoration Center Accelerator and NeuGrid 2.0 Reliability Analytics Solution , to address operational challenges caused by severe weather events and outdated IT systems.

As a result, the organization has been able to:

  • Boost service reliability
  • Optimize grid management
  • Enhance real-time communication
  • Improve crew safety
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce its carbon footprint
  • Decrease expenses during storm events

Increasing general rate case (GRC) reliability

Neudesic leveraged Azure OpenAI to build a solution that will analyze GRC data for insights, such as how they are performing against their existing GRC, and help them more easily develop future GRCs.

Additionally, with Neudesic’s help, this major utility provider now has the foundational platform in place to test the viability of generative AI, begin upskilling in key areas to ensure they achieve milestones within a tight timeline, and demonstrate the business value of generative AI to the board of directors. And the company plans to expand the platform to additional use cases, including developing a ChatGPT-like service for employees and customers.

Raising customer service scores by 15% and optimizing related capital expenses by 20%

Neudesic leveraged its DER Analytics Solution and Data & AI Platform Accelerator, along with Azure tools, to enable the interconnection of customer-sided resources, optimized energy management, and embraced sustainable generation.

And these success stories present just the tip of the iceberg. Everyday, we’re meeting with innovative utility providers who want to optimize their operations, better serve customers, and future proof their business by taking the next step on their generative AI journey.

At Neudesic, we pride ourselves on being long-term partners for our clients, helping them to modernize their architecture, reach data maturity, and realize the benefits of AI & ML. If you are looking for a partner, we’re ready to help. Contact us today.

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