January 10, 2019

Companies’ ability to solve complex business problems through machine learning and artificial intelligence has accelerated in recent years. Organizations across all industries are starting to utilize AI technologies to gain competitive advantages, efficiencies, and cost savings.

Embedding AI applications into your org’s technology stack can boost effectiveness to entirely new levels. For example, insights for predictive maintenance can be used by AI to automate processes that previously required human intervention. A utility company can automate the deployment of unmanned drones for visual inspection of power generation and transmission assets, based on information gathered from sensors.

So What?

Given AI’s wide applications, today’s enterprises are applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive services to inform, engage, and improve customer and employee experiences.
Natural language processing is enabling the use of bots to answer inquiries and accomplish tasks, allowing workers to become more effective and informed.
Companies that are not utilizing their data to create these experiences will struggle to compete. But rather than waiting for the disruption, executives can begin transforming organizations in iterative experiments using Google Cloud, to gain efficiency and cost savings.

Now What?

There is no doubting the disruptive force that is AI, and the changes it will bring to every industry. Rather than wait, executives can start applying AI technologies today to transform their organizations.

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