Containers make a lot of sense as a virtualization method – and once you’ve opted to go the container route, you soon discover that running and maintaining containers across multiple nodes is a big job. That’s why Kubernetes has been so widely adopted over the past seven years. Kubernetes enables you to orchestrate your containers and automate software deployment, scaling, and management. The results include simplified deployment, greater resilience, and efficient scaling and storage.

So far, so good. But once you’ve said yes to Kubernetes, you’re faced with an issue: the complexity of configuring Kubernetes for a large production environment. That takes expert knowledge – and it’s not easy to come by.

Aware of this, service providers have begun offering managed Kubernetes services. Managed Kubernetes services completely offload the tasks of running, deploying, and operating Kubernetes clusters. You get all the benefits of Kubernetes without the complexity.

In the Microsoft Azure environment, you have two excellent managed Kubernetes services to choose from:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Managed Kubernetes on Azure provides you with an enterprise-grade toolset from development to platform. Leveraging AKS, your developers can accelerate containerized applications using a suite of end-to-end tools including GitHub and Visual Studio Code. The AKS platform provides built-in best practices including industry-leading security services. Other key benefits include multi-layered security, operational efficiency, and unified management.
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) helps your team reduce operational overhead and focus on quickly delivering applications that provide greater value to the business while supporting regulatory compliance. ARO combines everything you need to run containers in production environments with Kubernetes—and integrates that across databases, application services, and CI/CD tools. You benefit from enterprise-grade operations, security, and compliance, and strong support for innovation.

Which service is better for your organization? There’s no simple answer, because each service offers unique capabilities, different ways of splitting responsibilities, and pricing schemes. However, one way to begin answering that question is to learn more about the features and capabilities of AKS and ARO by downloading our eBook, Unlock the Full Potential of Your Java Applications.

Another way to gain clarity – and to ensure your container modernization effort starts delivering benefits faster – is to take advantage of Neudesic’s Container Modernization Accelerator.

Our Container Modernization Accelerator is a four-week jumpstart engagement that enables you to accelerate your Java modernization journey with a proof-of-value implementation to deliver higher-quality applications with reduced development cycles and optimized IT costs. We start with an initial discovery to help your organization choose the orchestrator that best fits your unique needs, implement a proof-of-value, and provide your organization with a customized roadmap for final implementation and best practices.

With our Container Modernization Accelerator, you can expect a 70% reduction in development time, a 50% increase in operational efficiency, and a 20% reduction in infrastructure maintenance. That’s lasting value that will serve your organization well – long after the four-week engagement is over.

Your choice of Kubernetes was the right one. The choices you make after that can ensure that you get the most out of Kubernetes. Click here to learn more.