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Neudesic delivered smart, scalable cloud systems to serve content and community to 80 million home cooks.



Allrecipes is the number one food site driven by home cooks around the world. The site fosters community among cooks and inspires confidence with recipes, reviews, videos, shopping lists and more. Users access culinary content based on customized interests, served up conveniently at their point of need.


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Solutions in Focus

Application Modernization

Cloud Platform Architecture

Cloud Migration

Before Neudesic


Dramatic peaks in seasonal traffic demonstrated the need to modernize existing technology with smarter, more scalable systems.


Datacenter infrastructure required significant capital outlays for maintenance, upgrades and overall management


Growth by acquisition demanded accommodation of new and varied technology platforms.

After Neudesic


Enabling our Digital Future

“Collaborating with Neudesic, we’ve modernized our operating environment to be more in sync with our rapid growth – four times greater than our competitors, based on organic growth as well as industry acquisitions. Through the Azure platform, we are prepared to accommodate increases in traffic as well as the potential for new technology platforms.”

Building in Scalability

“Neudesic helped us develop more efficient systems, automatically scaling to handle extreme traffic spikes inherent to holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter.”


“Neudesic has been a fantastic partner, providing great technologists with the right skillsets to help us achieve our goals. Their deep relationship with Microsoft benefitted us in terms of getting to market faster, securing higher level funding to adopt the Azure solution, and ensuring ideal, direct Microsoft communication throughout the project.” 


Agile Processes are at the Heart of Things

“We were able to assume a flex-up, flex-down model of our resource usage on-demand. This is a new and significant advantage, improving performance today and securing our long-term leadership position as a digital food resource.”


Costs are Down, Performance is Up

“The benefits of working with Neudesic have been far ranging. They’ve been with us every step of the way, driving cost savings and operational synergies. We have reduced long-term capital expenditures and are also seeing value in not having to manage software licenses or software patching – it’s all built-in to our new cloud architecture.”

Smarter Use of IT Staff

“Neudesic has helped increase our internal knowledge of the Azure platform. Our IT staff has leveled up – we’ve been able to shift resources from building and troubleshooting machines to much more sophisticated activities like setting up new instances, creating predictive modeling spreadsheets, or setting alerts in Azure.”


Modern Infrastructure

“We are always pushing the boundaries of innovation within the food space and will be able to do more with a scalable, cloud-based system. The Azure platform has set the stage for us to broaden into machine learning, incorporating dynamic recommendations for users based on any number of unique preferences or factors relating to their culinary needs.”

Partnering Enabled a Bigger Picture

“We consider Neudesic a true technology and strategy partner, embracing our company culture and adding real strength with sophisticated architecture strategies for the Azure platform.”


“Neudesic helped us set the stage to maximize Azure capabilities. As we move to machine learning and greater use of data to personalize each user’s site experience, we now have the technology platform as well a rich set of analytics that will help us inspire cooks with relevant, creative content.”

– John Keane, Chief Technology Officer, Allrecipes