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Neudesic + E-470

Smarter toll road management taps into automation, cloud systems, and predictive analytics

E-470 is a Public Highway Authority committed to innovation and smart data applications in roadway management. By steadily investing in technologies to perfect its own toll road management capabilities, E-470 also increases value for partner roadways. New cloud-based systems enable efficient, data-driven operations, designed to reduce revenue leakage, improve automation, and empower self-service reporting and predictive analytics based on a single, unified view of data.



Viewing Data

Effective reporting and analytics demanded a single view of data across the agency



Increased engagement with roadway partners required process automation for more scalable performance



Massive data volumes required a seamless and flexible cloud platform, free of on premise limitations, that minimized IT support and management



Current traditional data warehouse architecture restricted ability to quickly find and test data to discover whether a predictive model exists



Lining Up a Best-Fit Architecture

“Neudesic dug deep to understand the problems we needed to solve, rather than just what technology to deploy – careful consideration went into uncovering our business objectives as well as our internal IT skillsets. This understanding moved us forward in an intelligent manner, evaluating various tools for performance vs long-term supportability. The result was a smart combination of Microsoft technologies, with Azure as a service becoming one of the most important components of our data analytics architecture.”


Technology Leadership on Azure Cloud

“Neudesic demonstrated that a cloud solution would set us apart. They worked both strategically and tactically on our behalf and transferred extensive knowledge to our own infrastructure team in the process of implementation. We are currently self-sufficient in managing our full platform of Azure-based systems.”


Creating a Modern Data Platform

“Enterprise data analytics is an art, with significant performance requirements driving the transformation and preparation of data. Neudesic recognized the need to streamline operations such as high-volume data movement, while leveraging in-memory capabilities to support analysis by end users. Tapping into deep Microsoft and Azure expertise, the team was able to marry the features of various technologies to create an intelligent, full-featured platform and bring in additional components to fill in gaps unique to our needs. Implementing a SQL-based platform with Azure extensions was ideal for us internally – creating a modern data platform optimized for advanced analytics.”


Effective Analytics Capitalize on a Single Truth

“With an intelligent, integrated platform, data is not susceptible to interpretation by different stakeholders. Today our analytics are based a unified, single version of data, capitalizing on deep insight that is both consistent and current. We are evaluating and predicting performance more effectively than ever and creating a culture of analytics across the agency.”


Smart, Scalable Systems for the Future

“Cloud technology means we can scale with ease, offering additional and improved services to our roadway partners. We’re well-positioned for growth, not only with leading edge technology but also with better application of our skilled workforce. Automation enhances the power of our human capital, eliminating repetitive, manual tasks and freeing up our team for more strategic activities.”


Connecting with a True Technology Partner

“Neudesic’s team devoted energy to enhancing its understanding of our project early on, becoming subject matter experts themselves and understanding our development needs from a closer perspective. They gave us smart platform options at the outset – connecting with E-470’s entrepreneurial spirit, and ultimately inspiring leadership to commit 100 percent to a cloud solution.”