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Neudesic + Isagenix

Creating a Mobile App to Drive Health,
Wellness, and Business Growth


Isagenix is a global health and wellness organization, offering solutions to transform lives. Supporting people with weight loss, energy and wellness, physical performance, and healthy aging, Isagenix also offers and additional income stream through network marketing. Isagenix is a trusted and respected name, operating in 15 countries and targeting growth to 18 by the end of 2018.




Improve engagement with Isagenix coaches and users, offering nutrition and fitness tracking, personal coaching, and product ordering in a single mobile app.



Create a consistent community experience for Isagenix users and pros, building engagement at every level



Establish a more intuitive and automated ordering interface



Increase retention of new users, through easier sign-up and ongoing interactions with products and peers

"Our mission is to transform lives - and to do that we need to be more present in the daily world of our coaches and users. Neudesic helped us create a mobile app that delivers the kind of personal engagement necessary to retain, support, and grow these key audiences."

- Erik Coover, Owner, Sr. Vice-President of Global Field Development,
Board Member, Isagenix

Business Technology Benefits

As the IsaLife user base continues to expand, Isagenix can scale quickly and easily - a few mouse clicks can increase its capacity to support 50K users to 300K without the maintenance and other costs related to physical data-center management. Capital expenditures are reduced, and the organization is planning to sunset some of its earlier apps that are now better handled within the IsaLife UX and platform. 

"Neudesic built a unique team for us, with leadership not only in technology but also digital business strategy. Onshore and offshore resources, UX expertise, deep Microsoft knowledge, and a Xamarin skillset made them stand out as an ideal partner for our app development."

-Ray Kwan, Director of Systems and Mobile Architecture, Isagenix