The Challenge

  • Massive amounts of data were difficult to capture, consume and analyze using
    conventional methods
  • Disparate data sources made it problematic to provide a unified view/single view of
    power usage patterns by various customer attributes
  • The Smart Meter data collection system was not designed for analytics, and would
    require significant reconfiguration and expense
  • New hardware, software and training would negatively affect deployment timeline
    and ROI

The Solution

  • Neudesic’s Big Data solution aggregates massive amounts of Smart Meter data for
    sophisticated analytics
  • Enables analysis of customer usage patterns without impacting the primary data
    collection system
  • Seamlessly integrates Smart Meter data with existing Microsoft Enterprise Data
    Warehouse, and avoids “siloed” data repositories
  • Utilizes Microsoft Business Intelligence to reduce talent gap for complex Oracle or
    SAP solutions

The Benefit

  • Unified view of Smart Meter data within the analytics platform provides powerful
    insights for various business units
  • Massive amounts of data are analyzed effectively for long-term competitive
  • An overall smarter power grid reduces costs of energy production, distribution and
  • Power theft is readily tracked and billed, reducing loss and ensuring profitability
  • More successful energy efficiency programs are based on real customer
  • Enterprise is poised for future infrastructure savings based on predictive analytics