Microsoft Solutions PartnerIRVINE, Calif. — Neudesic announced today that it has attained the Azure VMware Solution Advanced Specialization, a recognition currently held by fewer than 25 U.S. partners. Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is a VMware-certified solution that enables seamless migration and management of VMware workloads on Azure. This solution allows organizations to leverage the scalability and flexibility of Azure while maintaining the familiar VMware environment, facilitating a smooth transition to the cloud and enabling access to Azure’s extensive suite of services.

This specialization highlights Neudesic’s deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in migrating and integrating VMware-based workloads from data centers to Azure.

Addressing Key Industry Challenges, Excessive Broadcom Renewal Costs

As organizations confront the changes brought on by Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, including the reportedly 1,000% increase in renewal costs for some customers and fewer support partners, Neudesic’s achievement comes at a critical time. The company’s advanced specialization offers a viable solution for VMware customers seeking alternatives and those looking to minimize their on-premises footprint by accelerating cloud migration.

“The Azure VMware Solution advanced specialization is a mark of excellence, reserved for partners who demonstrate superior skills and real-world success in deploying VMware workloads on Azure,” said Andrew Smith, general manager of Partner Program Management at Microsoft. “Neudesic’s achievement in this area is commendable and sets them apart as a trusted advisor in the cloud journey.”

Timely Significance and Expected Outcomes

Neudesic’s specialization in Azure VMware Solution underscores its extensive technical expertise in both Azure and VMware. To achieve this certification, partners undergo a rigorous Azure certification process and complete an AVS technical assessment for both VMware and Microsoft’s platform. This validated competency enables Neudesic to assist customers with accelerated and seamless migrations to Azure, resulting in significant cost savings and access to Azure’s vast array of services.

“With the right subject matter experts, AVS’s battle-tested solution can migrate hundreds of virtual machines in as little as three weeks,” said Eric Stoltze, Vice President of Technology, Cloud Infrastructure Services. “Given the rising costs and challenges faced by thousands of companies, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable partner who not only delivers the technical outcomes and savings of AVS but also prioritizes the well-being of your organization.”

Special AVS Programs Available

“This advanced specialization from Microsoft is not just a testament to our AVS competency but a clear signal of our commitment to helping our clients navigate the complexities of cloud migration,” said Mike Graff, Vice President of Alliances at Neudesic. “Through our deepened alliance with Microsoft, we’re uniquely positioned to support our customers in adapting to the evolving IT landscape.”

As organizations face VMware renewals and explore cloud migration options, Neudesic’s new specialization promises continued support and expertise with access to special programs and funding aimed at assisting clients in their migration and modernization efforts. For more information about how Neudesic can help migrate VMware workloads to Azure, visit Neudesic’s AVS webpage.

Media contact:

Jordan Lampe