Pre-configured deployment assets leverage Microsoft Azure and Azure Databricks to help organizations deploy AI projects to production in 10 days or less

IRVINE, CA – JULY 16, 2020 — Neudesic, a nationally recognized business and technology consulting firm, announced today the launch of the Neudesic Azure Data and AI Platform Accelerator, a collection of repeatable frameworks, automations and configurations that unify data engineering and data science functions for successful AI and Machine Learning outputs. Features of the accelerator combine to provide single-click deployments of Azure Databricks with Azure Data Lake environments, targeting a lower cost, and faster path to production, while integrating critical functions like MLOps and ML lifecycle management.

“During this disruptive COVID-19 period across many industries, lies a unique opportunity to leverage AI and machine learning to solve specific business problems in newly constrained areas like customer contact centers, manufacturing, and supply chain environments,” said Mike Rossi, director of solutions marketing for data and AI at Neudesic. “This launch of our new Azure Data and AI platform Accelerator enables businesses to have access to cost-saving automations that can help them quickly and securely deploy AI capability to sustain the health and performance of their business, while overhauling their IT strategies and budgets.”

The Neudesic Azure Data and AI Platform Accelerator, which has been piloted in over 25 enterprise organizations across a variety of verticals, automates the movement of data from siloed sources to an enterprise-scale data lake. Pre-configured Databricks notebooks, combined with pre-built ML models, immediately maximizes the value of that data, putting data teams on the fast track to getting AI and ML outputs in front of decision makers. With deployments in as quick as 10 days, the platform accelerator reduces up-front deployment time by fifty percent, proving value in weeks versus months or years. A few notable examples include:

  • A large regulated utility company optimizes grid operations and enhances service delivery to 2.2 million customers by modernizing their data platform to enhance the analytics for their AMI Smart Meter Data
  • A Las Vegas hospitality and gaming company creates personalized, omnichannel experiences for 50 million rewards members with near-real time analysis of critical customer data
  • A chain of gas stations and convenience stores reinvests in new growth, and customer programs by reducing operational costs from the elimination of legacy on-premises appliances and ETL processes

“We’re renewing confidence in our partners and clients that even amidst a pandemic, AI and machine learning are still worthwhile investments that can drive immense business value without spending massive budgets or time to accomplish,” said Orion Gebremedhin, senior director of technology for data and AI at Neudesic. “By addressing the historically high industry failure rates associated with machine learning and AI projects, we can now say we have an efficient answer to fully maximizing people, process, and technology to get the job done right.”

“There is a sense of urgency for how Databricks and the entire data community can help businesses realize value during these unprecedented times,” said Michael Hoff, SVP of business development and partners at Databricks. “The Neudesic Azure Data and AI Platform Accelerator uses pre-built configurations to enable data teams to speed up time to deployment by integrating disparate data sources, operationalizing ML models and providing templated Databricks Notebooks.”

Already gaining national recognition, Neudesic has been selected to present the business outcomes and client value associated with their Azure Data and AI Platform Accelerator at several industry events this summer including: Spark & AI Summit, Databricks’ Tech Summit, along with Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Academy.

For more information, or to request a demo of the Neudesic Azure Data and AI Platform Accelerator, please visit our website.

About Neudesic
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Mike Rossi
Director Solutions Marketing, Data & AI