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Integrate all your property’s assets to enhance guest loyalty and boost revenue

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Setting a new standard in guest experiences

The Cosmopolitan, Turning Stone Resort Casino, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group rely on Neudesic Real-Time Experience Solution for Hospitality & Gaming to help them improve guest loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

Powered by Neudesic’s award-winning integration technology, our groundbreaking solution seamlessly integrates all your property assets and systems– which may include casino management, lodging management, point of sale, spa, golf, entertainment, and food & beverage – to create a single-source record of all guest interactions, so you can identify and track preferences to anticipate and fulfill needs.

Helping clients delight guests while boosting the bottom line

“Neudesic’s solution captures valuable insight about our guests in real time, enabling us to deliver unique and unforgettable experiences that keep them coming back.”

– Steve Murphy, VP of Technology & Supply Chain, Turning Stone Resort Casino

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Stimulate interest

Megan’s guest profile reveals she often visits your spa, but only for manicures. The next time she checks in, you offer her an introductory rate on a complete spa package. Now Megan’s profile – and your bottom line – reflects her newfound interest in hot stone massages and aromatherapy.

Reward loyalty

Teri and Jason always enjoy a nice bottle of wine when they dine at your five-star French bistro. On their next visit, your executive chef treats them to a rare vintage from his private collection. The experience inspires Teri to write an online review that lights up your reservation line.

Create memories

Sylvia and Greg swipe their loyalty card to secure VIP tickets to the hottest act in town. Your Concierge arranges a limo and backstage passes to make it an experience they’ll never forget. Later Sylvia posts a picture of Greg with his favorite country singer. The caption reads “Best night ever!”

Engage everyone

John, an avid golfer, checks his point balance at a loyalty kiosk and is rewarded with discounted green fees and a voucher for 25% off at the hotel emporium. While John sets his sights on breaking 80, his companion Sonia sets hers on a designer handbag and matching shoes.

Build loyalty with exceptional user experiences

Integrating web portals with your CRM system opens the door to new customer and partner data, streamlines loyalty programs, and delivers more compelling online experiences that set your business apart.

Context + real-time events = insight

With each swipe of a loyalty card, the solution captures where and how guests earn and spend their program points – in real time. This information can be viewed and analyzed through highly customizable guest profiles, helping you deliver experiences that stimulate interest, create memories, reward loyalty and engage everyone.

How it Works – a technical deep dive

Neudesic RTX uses a publish/subscribe model to provide real-time messaging capabilities for integrating your Property Management System, Point of Sale, Casino Management System, Food & Beverage, Spa, Kiosks and other common systems and property amenities.

Neudesic RTX supports a variety of protocols—including HTTP, TCP, ODBC—and ships with proven adapters and accelerators for integrating many of the industry’s most common systems. Powered by Neuron ESB, Neudesic RTX offers customizable integration via web services and our adapter framework. Support for Dynamics CRM,, and Microsoft Azure is built in.

Once integrated with Neudesic RTX, your existing systems and applications can fully participate in the exchange of guest events/messages as they occur in real time. In between exchanges, custom logic can be applied to pre-defined workflows that carry out highly customized business scenarios.

Once integrated with Neudesic RTX, your existing systems and applications can fully participate in the exchange of guest events/messages as they occur in real time.

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“80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer experiences, but only 8% of their customers agree.”

– Bain & Company

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