Neudesic announced the expansion of its relationship with Databricks, the data and AI company, as a launch partner for Databricks’ introduction of the Data Intelligence Platform for Energy. This collaboration unites Databricks' leading data and AI platform with Neudesic's specialized industry and domain knowledge, aiming to tackle critical challenges in the energy sector such as escalating demand, outdated infrastructure, extreme weather impacts, and the shift toward renewable energy.

"The artificial intelligence boom across leading energy and utility companies is becoming a reality, and we are just at the beginning of what’s possible," according to Mike Rossi, Global Vice President for Energy and Communications at Neudesic, an IBM company.

As a premier global technology services firm specializing in digital transformation solutions and AI services, Neudesic is crafting innovative strategies and solutions to help energy companies leverage their data assets. This effort aims to enhance understanding, development, and progress toward a more resilient and sustainable grid.

Smart Meter Analytics Solution: A Game-Changer for Energy Utilities

Neudesic will utilize its extensive expertise in the energy sector along with Databricks' advanced AI technologies to launch the first available smart meter analytics solution leveraging the Data Intelligence Platform.

"With the widespread adoption of smart meters, devices, and sensors, our clients are actively contributing to the development of a smarter energy grid," stated David Bess, Global Vice President of Industry Solutions at Neudesic. "This development has the potential to enhance every aspect of utility functions and services in their communities, including cleaner power generation, safer transmission, and more reliable delivery. The powerful features of the Databricks' Data Intelligence Platform, combined with Neudesic's unique Smart Meter Analytics Solution, overcome the challenges of managing massive data volumes. This positions us at the forefront of analytics, enabling us to move quickly, safely, and responsibly toward our industry goals."

Immediate Benefits and Expanded Partnership

Neudesic's Smart Meter Analytics Solution offers immediate benefits to utility companies by providing a comprehensive framework for ingesting, storing, and analyzing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data. It orchestrates billions of daily data points with near-real-time analytical capabilities, empowering grid operators to use AI to understand grid health, load demands, forecasts, and customer usage patterns. Additionally, it improves revenue through accurate billing automation and theft detection.

The smart meter analytics solution transforms utility data into a format primed for analysis, integrating cutting-edge, prebuilt analytical models to reveal concealed patterns, trends, and valuable insights. This comprehensive solution is further enhanced with ready-to-use data visualizations, ensuring immediate, impactful decision-making capabilities. Optimized for peak efficiency, the solution's entire analytical pipeline harnesses Databricks' full suite of features, including structured streaming, Delta Live Tables, and GraphFrames, to deliver unmatched performance and results.

"Our unique position as a strategic Databricks partner, coupled with our longstanding partnership and recognition as the 2023 US Partner of the Year in AI and a Global Energy and Resources Finalist for Microsoft, brings together the world's leading companies, technologies, and capabilities. This enables us to swiftly and agilely introduce solutions like the Smart Meter Analytics Solution to a dynamic industry," said Colin Dvorak, Senior Industry Alliances Manager for Neudesic.

A Testament to Neudesic's Industry Leadership

"Neudesic is a crucial partner in achieving high-value customer outcomes in the Power and Utilities sector. Their industry expertise and technical capabilities are instrumental in helping our customers enhance resiliency, minimize operational costs, and expedite market entry with Microsoft solutions," said Bilal Khursheed, Worldwide Power & Utilities Leader, Microsoft. "Neudesic's participation in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for Energy launch underscores the success of their industry solutions, and we are eager to further our long-standing partnership to transform the global energy sector."

The Smart Meter Analytics Solutions on the Data Intelligence Platform represents just a chapter in the broader narrative of the partnership between Neudesic and Databricks. Contact Neudesic to learn more.

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