24Aug, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 6: Application maintenance and testing

By Neudesic

Part 6 of our series is all about application maintenance, and quality testing.
17Aug, 2016

The virtues of machine learning: When statistical analysis isn’t enough

By Neudesic

Machine learning and prescriptive analytics are the future of business intelligence. 
11Aug, 2016

Reducing Email Clutter: Join the discussion at ILTACON

By Mike Manning

If you’re headed to ILTACON in the D.C. area later this month — the four-day conference for professionals working in technology within law firms and legal departments — we hope you’ll join us for our panel session titled, Alternative Email Arrangements To Reduce the Clutter, on August 31, 2016 at  9:00 a.m.  Alternative Email Arrangements To Reduce the...
28Jul, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 5: Application development

By Neudesic

You're not far off from having most of the information you need to launch a successful mobile environment; but first, we need to talk about apps.
7Jul, 2016

So much data, so little time: The need for speed in enterprise analytics

By Neudesic

Data analytics isn't just about accuracy. It's also about speed.
23Jun, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 4: Achieving integration

By Neudesic

This is the fourth of a series of blog posts focused on readying the enterprise for mobile.
14Jun, 2016

How to use Azure as part of a Big Data strategy

By Neudesic

Cloud and hybrid computing models are just as, if not more, conducive to top-notch business intelligence. Here's how:
25May, 2016

Workflow optimization: It starts with automation, and ends with ROI

By Neudesic

Only the best make it in today's markets – and the best rely on automation. Here's why.
24May, 2016

The ultimate Big Data roadmap checklist

By Neudesic

Is your business making smart analytics-based decisions?
18May, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 3: Mobile security alphabet soup

By Neudesic

In part 3 of this series, we unscramble the jumble of acronyms associated with mobile security.