14Sep, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 7: The finale

By Neudesic

This is the final installment of our seven-part blog series about readying the enterprise for mobility.
29Aug, 2016

Clear Data Tables Fast With Neudesic’s Enhanced, Open Source Power BI API Tool.

By Ken Mears

Get the Latest Tool to Clear Data Tables When Using Stream Analytics – Filling A Clear Gap in the Feature Set of Power BI. When utilizing Microsoft Azure Streaming Analytics, data streams can be sent to Power BI and easily visualized, however the inability to clear data tables out of Power BI is frustrating to the iterative...
24Aug, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 6: Application maintenance and testing

By Neudesic

Part 6 of our series is all about application maintenance, and quality testing.
17Aug, 2016

The virtues of machine learning: When statistical analysis isn’t enough

By Neudesic

Machine learning and prescriptive analytics are the future of business intelligence. 
11Aug, 2016

Reducing Email Clutter: Join the discussion at ILTACON

By Mike Manning

If you’re headed to ILTACON in the D.C. area later this month — the four-day conference for professionals working in technology within law firms and legal departments — we hope you’ll join us for our panel session titled, Alternative Email Arrangements To Reduce the Clutter, on August 31, 2016 at  9:00 a.m.  Alternative Email Arrangements To Reduce the...
28Jul, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 5: Application development

By Neudesic

You're not far off from having most of the information you need to launch a successful mobile environment; but first, we need to talk about apps.
7Jul, 2016

So much data, so little time: The need for speed in enterprise analytics

By Neudesic

Data analytics isn't just about accuracy. It's also about speed.
23Jun, 2016

Readying your enterprise for mobile, part 4: Achieving integration

By Neudesic

This is the fourth of a series of blog posts focused on readying the enterprise for mobile.
14Jun, 2016

How to use Azure as part of a Big Data strategy

By Neudesic

Cloud and hybrid computing models are just as, if not more, conducive to top-notch business intelligence. Here's how:
25May, 2016

Workflow optimization: It starts with automation, and ends with ROI

By Neudesic

Only the best make it in today's markets – and the best rely on automation. Here's why.