Manage Costs While Providing Superior Student Experiences

According to a recent study published by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, state governments have cut funding to public education by 28% since the start of the recession. What emerges is a devastating picture of the situation facing youth seeking an education, as more than 75% of undergraduate students in the United States attend public colleges and universities. Faced with decreasing budgets and a desire to still provide students with a quality education and college experience, education institutions are turning to technology. Mobile solutions, cloud-based apps and insights into a wealth of big data are all helping colleges achieve their goal of reducing costs and increasing student satisfaction.

A Competitive Advantage

Neudesic is an industry-recognized leader in providing technology consulting services and products. We were a very early player in the development of cloud technologies, big data and mobile solutions, and recent advancements in CRM. Our education clients include a wide spectrum of both private and public universities across the country. Our clients gain a competitive advantage from our expertise in leveraging emerging technologies to deliver impactful results.

Solutions & Experience That Span the Full Educational Spectrum

Some of Neudesic’s greatest success stories have been made with our education clients that are using technology to stay ahead of the curve in the face of shrinking budgets and increasing student expectations. Our strong data management and user experience knowledge can be relied upon to provide key insight into the data you have already collected, determine your future big data needs and provide a leading-edge experience to your students. We helped South Orange County Community College District completely overhaul its registration and education plan management system, moving their entire enrollment and student plan management online. We also provided SOCCCD with key business intelligence dashboards that help them adapt to changing student needs and an ever-changing financial landscape. We have a long history of providing education solutions that address key areas such as internal collaboration, application integration, student relationship management and business intelligence. Each of our solutions is backed by real-world experience, business-driven results and a strong understanding of leading edge technology. Neudesic’s education solutions are designed to help you take advantage of the latest innovations in technology to keep your institution on the path to profitability and success.

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  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility by migrating to the cloud
  • Enable self-service analytics by harnessing big data
  • Increase productivity and market reach with mobile solutions
  • Foster secure enterprise collaboration with a user-centric network

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