Overcome Declining Prices to Maintain Profitability

Today’s mining industry leaders are faced with complex challenges that can span the globe, crossing both borders and political ideologies. There are few industries in the world that deal with more regulations and scrutiny than the world’s energy and mineral producers. Mining companies need to continually improve technology to not only increase their efficiency in creating product, but to maintain regulatory safety compliance and meet public safety concerns. Miners need a technology partner that understands the challenges of their industry – a partner to guide them in leveraging the latest technology to grow their business.

We understand that while you are facing declining prices for the minerals you are extracting, you are planning to expand your operations to maintain your profitability. In fact, a recent report by Bloomberg TV suggests the mining industry will see $244 billion in expansions in 2015 alone. We can help you use leading-edge technology to make the most of your expansion dollars through the effective use of technology.

A Competitive Advantage

Neudesic is an industry-recognized leader in providing technology consulting services and products. We were a very early player in the development of cloud, big data and mobile solutions. Our mining industry clients include some of the most well-known brand names in the world. Our clients gain a competitive advantage from our expertise in leveraging emerging technologies to deliver impactful business results.

A Long-Established Presence in Mining Technology

Some of Neudesic’s greatest successes stories have been made with mining technology clients. Our strong presence throughout the industry has led to great developments in compliance, standardization, simplification, safety and security. We have received some of the highest praise from mining manufacturers for the collaboration environments that we have helped them create, all of which help our clients save considerable time and money while increasing visibility into their important business intelligence data. Each of our solutions is backed by real-world experience, business-driven results and a strong understanding of leading edge technology.

Neudesic’s mining solutions are designed to help you take advantage of the latest innovations in technology to keep your business on the path to profitability and success.

Take the Next Step

Schedule an assessment of your current systems, processes and applications, to find out how Neudesic can help you map out a long-term strategy that will:

  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility by migrating to the cloud
  • Enable self-service analytics by harnessing big data
  • Increase productivity and market reach with mobile solutions
  • Improve loyalty and sales through better CRM
  • Foster secure enterprise collaboration with a mining-centric network

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