Manual Data Entry, Tedious Spreadsheets and Rigid Reports Hard to Swallow?

Add powerful visualization and reporting tools to your POS system menu.

All the insight and information you need to grow your restaurant business is right there in your POS system. But you probably won’t find it staring glassy-eyed at mind-numbing spreadsheets or backwards-looking reports.

What if you could automate the reporting process and extract more insight from all your data? Not just POS data, but finance, payroll, customer loyalty, third-party vendors—every source of restaurant data that drives your business, whether a large chain or an up-and-coming eatery.

Serve Up Value & Insight from All Your Business Data

Neudesic combines extensive industry knowledge with expertise in business intelligence, enterprise collaboration and user experience to deliver Neudesic POS-Plus, a powerful analytics and reporting solution that extends the capabilities of your POS system.

Neudesic POS-Plus provides data visualization, comparative analytics, and exception-based reporting tools to help you gain a comprehensive view of your enterprise, so you can improve efficiency and eliminate the waste that is squeezing your margins.


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Automatically aggregate data from multiple sources into customizable dashboards, and generate exception-based reports that help you identify trends and make timely decisions.


Know More

Achieve flexible analytics and ad hoc reporting by performing complex calculations on same-store sales, average weekly sales, sales by sq. ft. and other key performance metrics.


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Access all your data—as well as office apps and email—through custom restaurant portals that enable your general managers, managers and employees to collaborate and share information.


Grow More

By extracting greater value and insight from all your business data, you’ll be able to take a more proactive approach to managing and growing your enterprise and your bottom line.

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Schedule an assessment of your current systems, processes and applications, to find out how Neudesic can help you map out a long-term strategy that will:

  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility by migrating to the cloud
  • Enable self-service analytics by harnessing big data
  • Increase productivity and market reach with mobile solutions
  • Foster secure enterprise collaboration with a user-centric network

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